"This Company is very client centered and provides exceptional advocacy for its clients and families"

Owner of another provider agency, Charlotte, NC

""Their kind of caring and compassion is truly astounding. In today’s time, it’s very hard, if not impossible,  to find a company that is more than willing to go the extra mile for their clients... they go the extra mile, and beyond.”

- Karen Kilani (Mom)

"Covenant Case Management is highly committed to making sure that all participants within the Intellectual/Developmental Disability community receive the necessary services to aid in their treatment." Mother & Executive Director of another provider agency"

McAlester’s Working Success Story

When she first met with AFL provider, Mary, Jamie knew that her life would change and sky was the limit for her future endeavors. After completing school, Jamie wanted a job where she could make her own money to buy things for herself and others. Jamie set her mind for success. Jamie applied at McAlister’s Deli and obtained the position of a waitress. The customer’s at McAlister’s Deli know they can count on two things when Jamie is on shift at work—a smiling face and her motivational spirit to brighten each and every costumer’s day. Jamie brings new customers as well as the loyal customers a great dining experience.  Jamie’s kindness, professionalism and ability to serve customers with a great deal of professionalism of remembering their orders, prompt and friendly service, and overall fulfilling their dining experience brings new customers back to join her loyal customers.                                                          

When you ask Jamie about her new career at McAlister’s, her pride is evident when she explains with enthusiasm, “I am proud of myself!” Jamie’s employment at McAlester’s involves a committed support team that Jamie brings smiles to on a daily basis. Jamie is enthusiastic when she comments on her working family and manager that look up to Jamie. Jamie advocates for herself, customers, and team which makes her a true leader. Jamie’s confidence and skill set have grown along with her customers holding her self-expectations to a high standard. With ongoing support from her family, job coach, co-workers and supervisors, Holly has simply blossomed. In fact, her employment success has her dancing for joy!

When asking Jamie, “what does your future hold as far as employment”? Jamie smiles at Mary and explains….who knows? Anything can happen if I want it to happen.